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Q&A session today

Just a reminder: Our scheduled Q&A session this afternoon with Doug is
still on tap, from 4-6pm.  The place is TBA; I'll e-mail it out by noon.
Please come prepared with some questions you may want to ask Doug.    (01)

Based on my experiences with Jeff Conklin's recent IBIS workshop, and
discussions with Howard and Jack, we're going to do things a little
differently than originally planned.  Instead of doing the ontology live
on the overhead projector, I'll be doing a live IBIS map of the
discussion.  Howard will develop the ontology concurrently (but not on the
projector), and will demonstrate it at the end of the meeting.    (02)

The live IBIS map will have a noticeable effect on the discussion: It will
slow it down.  I think that this will ultimately be very worthwhile, but
it may take some time to get used to.  So please bear with me and the rest
of the group as we continue to experiment with ways to best capture
collective IQ.    (03)

-Eugene    (04)

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