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terminology for purple numbers

One of the things that Murray and I have discussed is making sure that
both Purple and plink use a consistent naming scheme for addresses.    (01)

The most recent (unreleased) version of Purple precedes SIDs with "sid"
and location numbers with "hid".  In other words, to reference a paragraph
with a purple SID of "023", you would use the URL:    (02)

    http://site/doc.html#sid023    (03)

plink precedes SIDs with "s" and location numbers with "h".  So to
reference a plinked paragraph with a purple SID of "023", you would use:    (04)

    http://site/doc.html#s023    (05)

I think both Murray and I agree that it would be beneficial for Purple and
plink to use the same naming scheme, so that the two tools are compatible
with each other.  The question is, what should that scheme be?    (06)

Murray has proposed the following:    (07)

    statement ID    => nid (node ID)
    location number => sid (structured ID)    (08)

Using "nid" would make us consistent w/ Lee's terminology, and I think
more people today will understand what is meant by "node" rather than
"statement."  So I'm in favor of the first proposal.    (09)

However, I'm a little uncomfortable with the second, because it changes
the meaning of one of Doug's terms.  I understand why Murray suggested it
-- it's nicely consistent w/ "nid", and I'm leaning towards it.  What do
you folks think?    (010)

-Eugene    (011)

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