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Re: updated dialog maps

On Fri, 24 Aug 2001, Eugene Eric Kim wrote:    (01)

> I've also been building dialog maps of the discussion on the ohs-lc
> mailing list, with granular links to content using purple numbers.  I've
> been very pleased with the results so far, and the latest version of
> perlIBIS will allow me to export my results so that all of us can enjoy
> these maps.  I think that these maps will offer a great leap forward in
> terms of the knowledge product, or integration aspect of our DKR.    (02)

Okay, I posted the dialog map for threads started on this list in the
month of June:    (03)

    http://www.eekim.com/ohs/lc/discuss.html#sid016    (04)

I must say that this was one of the more interesting exercises I've done
in a while.  A few observations and lessons learned:    (05)

* The dialog map serves as a much better snapshot of our discussion over
  the first few weeks than the thread index page at:    (06)

      http://www.bootstrap.org/lists/ohs-lc/    (07)

* There were some unpleasantries that were exchanged on the list in its
  first few weeks of operation. :-)  At the same time, some very
  constructive comments were also made.  In the dialog map, the
  unpleasantries do not appear, while the constructive comments do.    (08)

* Exercising the IBIS methodology helped focus my own thinking
  tremendously.  For instance, the question, "What are the problems
  related to link integrity?"
  (http://www.eekim.com/ohs/lc/dialogmaps/ohs-lc.html#nid4299) was never
  asked in any of the e-mails.  It was an underlying question that cropped
  up as I was creating the dialog map.  However, once I thought of that
  question, my thinking shifted away from the direction that the e-mail
  discussion was headed and into a more constructive direction that this
  question created.    (09)

* As a side note, building this dialog map was not easy and took a lot of
  time.  Based on this experience and my own experiences doing dialog maps
  live, I am amazed that anyone can do the latter effectively.  I have a
  lot of respect for people who have this skill (and hope to add my name
  to this list over time. :-)    (010)

* There is the need for transclusions of an idea with alternative forms of
  expressing it.  For instance, in the dialog map, nodes 4312 and 4319
  express the same idea in different ways:    (011)

      "Content of node changes, but associated metadata is not updated."    (012)

      "Author may change content without updating associated metadata."    (013)

  I would liked to have associated these different descriptions with the
  same node.  The alternative is to draw a nondirectional relationship
  "sameConcept" between these two nodes.    (014)

More thoughts later.  In the meantime, I'll try to bring the dialog map up
to date with all of the discussion on this mailing list, and then update
the map regularly afterwards.    (015)

-Eugene    (016)

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