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TWiki up

After some twiddling here and there, I finally got our TWiki up.  Check it
out at:    (01)

    http://www.eekim.com/twiki/bin/view    (02)

I am hoping that this will become an integral tool for collaboratively
developing our ontology and integrating our overall knowledge base.    (03)

For starters, I'd recommend going to the site, playing around in the Test
web, and registering.  TWiki is more powerful and more complicated than
most other Wikis, and it'll take some experimentation to get comfortable.
I'm going to refrain from providing more details on using the TWiki for
now; it's a good test to see how user-friendly the site is right now.    (04)

The Ontology web should be fairly self-explanatory.  The Tools web is an
area where we can describe and discuss the tools and processes the LC is
using.    (05)

One note on PurpleWiki: My original plan was to modify TWiki to work with
purple numbers.  I had a working prototype a few months ago, but realized
that I hadn't implemented it very cleanly.  I needed to take the time to
really understand how TWiki works before I could do a clean hack.  I'm at
the point where I can add those changes back in, but before I do, I'd like
to let others get comfortable with TWiki.  I'll post a paper with my
detailed thoughts on this soon.    (06)

Please go to the TWiki, play, and report your experiences/questions here!    (07)

-Eugene    (08)

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