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Re: Augment data models posted

I'm not totally conversant with Property Sets. In particular, I'm not sure
what a "noderel" is, and how it differs from ac.    (01)

I do, note, though, that "subnode" is probably not a useful concept. A
tree is built from recursive references. We talk about "subnodes" in
order to distinguish children from parents, so we can describe operations
and their effects, but with respect to data types, a node contains a list
of nodes. That recursion is the essence of the tree structure.    (02)

Or, possibly, I have misinterpreted your quandry altogether, in which
case I never wrote this...    (03)

Eugene Eric Kim wrote:    (04)

> As a way to refresh my memory on Groves and as a use case for NODAL's data
> modeling language, I created a data model for Augment documents using both
> Property Sets and NODAL:
>     http://www.eekim.com/twiki/bin/view/Library/Augment
> I'd appreciate feedback to make sure I did these correctly.  Augment
> documents are fairly simple, but there may be subtleties in the data
> modeling languages that I missed.
> -Eugene
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