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Introducing myself...

Hi,    (01)

Just to let you know I'm now on this list. Basically, all of my
research traces back to Doug's augmentation vision. I'm involved in
some projects that may be of interest (below) and although not that
familiar with the current OHS spec and timeline, am happy to feed in
thoughts and questions.    (02)

The most explicit description of how the IBIS/argumentation work
derives from Doug's is in a paper I can post if interested:    (03)

Buckingham Shum, S. and Hammond, N. (1994) Argumentation-Based Design
Rationale: What Use at What Cost? International Journal of
Human-Computer Studies 40 (4), 603-652.    (04)

A bit of bg lifted from a recent doct - sorry it's a bit formal but
it fills in the gap:    (05)

"Dr Simon Buckingham Shum works at the Knowledge Media Institute at
the Open University in England, a 70-strong R&D centre which
specialises in web, media and knowledge technologies.  His first
degree was in Psychology (University of York, 1987), followed by an
M.Sc. in Ergonomics (UCL, 1988) and a PhD in
Psychology/Human-Computer Interaction (York/Xerox EuroPARC, 1991),
entitled "Cognitive Dimensions of Design Rationale Representation".    (06)

As well as teaching on Knowledge Management technologies
(specifically, from a human-centred perspective), Dr Buckingham Shum
researches into the cognitive and group dynamics that influence
whether tools for conceptual modelling are used effectively. He has
worked since 1989 on concept and argument mapping tools, as applied
to design rationale and organizational memory:
http://kmi.open.ac.uk/projects/compendium and
http://www.CompendiumInstitute.org. He also works on the future of
Net-based scientific publishing and discourse, as Co-Founder and
Editor of the electronic Journal of Interactive Media in Education
[http://www-jime.open.ac.uk] which pioneered interactive peer review
debates. The D3E system underlying JIME is shortly to be released
open source [http://d3e.open.ac.uk]. He also leads the Scholarly
Ontologies project [http://www.kmi.open.ac.uk/projects/scholonto] for
mapping research argumentation as semantic networks, and is a
co-investigator on the multi-million pound UK EPSRC Advanced
Knowledge Technologies consortium that has a particular focus on
integrating ontology-based semantic web tools, information extraction
tools, and human interfaces [http://www.aktors.org].    (07)

He serves on the editorial board of the International Journal of
Human-Computer Studies, and on the programme committees of
conferences such as ACM Hypertext, Euro-CSCL, and BCS Human-Computer
Interaction. He is co-editor of a forthcoming book (Springer) on
Computer-Supported Collaborative Argumentation."    (08)

Simon    (09)