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new members; recent happenings

Hi all,    (01)

Lots of news to report.  First, several people have recently joined our
group: Simon Buckingham Shum, Alex Shapiro, Gil Regev, Peter Jones, and G.
Ken Holman.  Stephen Danic will be joining us soon.  Simon's already sent
an introduction, and the others should be sending intros soon as well.
(Hint, hint. :-)    (02)

Second, it's been a while, and it would be great to hear from the old
fogies on the list.  Drop an e-mail to the list, and let us know what
you're up to and the status of your projects.    (03)

Third, this group had a stated expiration of six months or sooner.  It
looks like it's going to be sooner, as the Bootstrap Alliance will most
likely be forming an official group based heavily on the Launch Community
with official responsibility for the OHS's specifications.  I'll post more
on this soon.    (04)

In the meantime, I encourage you discuss your OHS-related projects on this
list and any thoughts or questions you have about the OHS.    (05)

More soon.    (06)

-Eugene    (07)

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