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Re: new members; recent happenings

As most of you may know, my project du jour is Nexist -- 
http://www.thinkalong.com/Nexist --    (01)

Nexist is an experiment.  I am playing with the hypothesis that XTM can 
serve as the basis for an API for knowledge communication.  Nexist is a 
client-server architecture, written in Java.  The source code was developed 
with JBuilder Foundation, the freebee.  I have noticed that Oracle is 
adding a CD of their latest JDeveloper (based on JBuilder, but with a UML 
tool added -- which, when I installed it, doesn't work :( ) along with the 
Java Developers Journal, which you can get wherever you buy computer magazines.    (02)

Nexist has allowed me to explore a variety of vectors of interest:
	mapping IBIS discussions to topic maps
	building tools in the service of constructivist learning environments
	building tools for mining large bodies of information in the service of 
knowledge accretion
	mapping my program The Scholar's Companion into the Nexist environment 
such that research projects conducted with TSC are automatically linked in 
with the growing knowledge base that Nexist contains    (03)

Just as soon as I figure out how to get my computer to play nice with the 
SSL access to CVS at sourceforge, the sourceforge version of Nexist code 
will be completely in synch with what I now have.    (04)

Nexist includes a servlet engine that talks to applets.  Applets are tiny 
client applications for Nexist.  The first applet built is a Dialog Mapping 
tool (IBIS).    (05)

The power just dropped out here, so I'd best ship this now before my laptop 
battery dies.    (06)

Jack    (07)