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RE: Intelligent Reply to All

Also, prefixing the subject with [ohs-lc] would help me to sort out the
messages in my inbox.    (01)

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From: owner-ohs-lc@bootstrap.org [mailto:owner-ohs-lc@bootstrap.org]On
Behalf Of Eric Armstrong
Sent: mardi, 23. octobre 2001 23:05
To: ohs-lc@bootstrap.org
Subject: Intelligent Reply to All    (02)

I don't know how they do it, but the Old Tools mailing
list (and at least one other list I've used recently) has
highly intelligent reply-button settings:
   REPLY -- goes to the sender of the message, privately
   REPLY_ALL -- goes to the list the message came
                             through, publically.    (03)

Note that REPLY_ALL does *not* include the original
sender in the reply list, so duplicate messages are not
send out.    (04)

The Old Tools list (for hand tools) is using
listserv.law.cornell.edu    (05)

Somehow, the messages it sends out have reply and replay-all
settings set up so that any browser can interact with them
intelligently.    (06)