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> Does the Open Hyperdocument draft address the issue below -
> syncronization of text and audio?
> Susan Brummel

Perhaps in answer to Paolo's statement/question:
> I wish to make a preliminary statement: I don't know enough HTML
> 4.0, XML and CSS2 to establish if what I am going to ask is already
> possible at this stage of development of these languages.

> The problem is: fine synchronization between two different media,
> for example, text and audio. In particular, in the case of parallel
> presentation of a text and the human reading of the same text, to
> realize a fine indexing of both text and digital record in such a
> way to allow the reader/listener to jump from one medium to another
> and to read/listen the same information, with a approximation at
> least of a sentence.

The (arbitrarily fine) synchronization of (any) content (including streams)
is possible to specify using SMIL ("smile" -- Synchronized Multimedia
Integration Language).
(Yes, a recco. standard dvlpd by the members of the W3C ... and yes, an
'application' of XML ... and indeed, a realization of some of the HyTime
Meta-DTD (SGML) concepts.)

Paolo does mention some specific features of synchronization that are not
(would not be) part of the specification languages themselves ... and SMIL
browsers, players, encoders, and authoring tools must provide the additional

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