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From: Peter P. Yim (
Date: Thu Mar 25 1999 - 10:15:16 PST


Thanks for pointing out the VNC software. In fact, Jeff Smith referred us to it
also, a little earlier.

We believe, to adequately answer the question of "What is a good 'production' (not
'development', nor 'R&D') set of tools that can give our community members better
realtime conferencing support?", we have to have a profile the community in the
first place.

The Bootstrap Institute is actually contemplating to do a survey among our alliance
members and those interested in this work to gain a better understanding on the
platforms (and applications) people use, and to seek suggestions and
recommendations on this issue.

FYI, I work part-time at the Bootstrap Institute and is presently helping to
develop that survey. Will look forward to your support and that from the entire
community when this survey comes out.


Markus Fleck wrote Thu, 25 Mar 1999 06:28:36 +0100:

> Christina Engelbart:
> > What we are looking for is a shared-screen tool where we can link our screens
> > together for a shared view of in-process work such as agenda development,
> > realtime meeting notetaking, presentations, demos of interesting software
> > tools, guided tours through cyberspace, and BA orientation and coaching
> > sessions.
> Such a tool exists - under GNU GPL:
> <>.
> Many Windows NT system administrators use it
> to manage remote servers and workstations... :-)
> It's even available for a variety of platforms.
> Yours,
> Markus.

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