A Quick Tour of the Augment Browser

Welcome to Christina Engelbart's no frills 2008 demo of the Augment Browser -- including Zoom buttons, purple numbers, Jump, Viewspecs, Filtering, Create Link, through the progressive user interface levels, from "Class 1" level up to "Turbo" level basics. This demo also serves as an early prototype case example of Doug Engelbart's world wide Open Hyperdocument System (OHS). Christina is using 1980s era Augment, with a 1996 era windows-style user interface called Visual AugTerm (VAT). A rough but informative production.

Contents this Demo:

  1. WELCOME: Introductions
  2. TECH NOTE: About the Augment Browser
  3. DEMO: Augment - Beginner Browser "Class 1"
    An intro to Zoom Buttons and Purple Numbers
  4. DEMO: Augment - "Class 2" Browser
    Adding Jump, Viewspecs, Filter, Create Link.
    Using them in combination.
  5. NOTE: Augment - "Class 3+" Browser
    A note about the UI
  6. DEMO: Augment - "Turbo Class" Basics
    Morphing to a high performance UI, with
    integrated editing, cross window jumping
    and editing, ...

Please keep in mind this is just a rough cut trial demo (i.e. first take, draft script, unedited), the intention being to create a proper demo as funding permits. Please also be kind about the 1995 era UI, keeping in mind that the ideas are what's important, what it will do for you, and that any OHS worth its salt has many UI choices - what would yours look like?