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Here are the links most commonly requested by journalists:

  • About Doug Engelbart - a short bio on Doug Engelbart, plus our 5 page biographical sketch A Lifetime Pursuit which highlights his vision and accomplishments in biographical story form; see also Patents, Awards, Curriculum Vitae and Bibliography.

  • Top Picks - selected readings and videos posted on our Main Library page are hand-picked representative pieces about Doug and his vision and accomplishments. See also our Library Topic Index where you may find factual information to support your particular topic area.

  • Photos and Videos - for video footage see Engelbart Videography; for photos see History in Pix, Stanford University's MouseSite Photo Gallery, and our Project Gallery.

  • Engelbart's strategic vision - Engelbart is best known for inventing the mouse and other tools; however his greatest innovations have been in the vision and strategy he devised for bootstrapping the innovation in his lab out of which emerged unprecedented levels of insight and breakthrough innovation. Please also see our Projects section for a glimpse of current and future projects we have been busy with, if for no other reason than to appreciate that Engelbart's work is not about the past! He has always pointed to the future...

  • Setting the Record Straight - unfortunately many of the press coming before you did not do their homework or check their assertions and have printed incorrect information, which in turn was being picked up by the next wave of journalists and taken as fact. Please help us shift this process and ensure quality and integrity of the press by taking the time to review the above links and check your facts.

Terms of Use 2

The copyrights on most of Doug's historic papers, photos, and video footage are held by other organizations such as SRI International where he conducted his seminal research, or the professional societies and organizations where he presented his papers and talks. Please refer to the copyright information as posted for each item in question. See our Permissions page for specifics.

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Please familiarize yourself with the above before you contact the Doug Engelbart Institute and/or write your piece. We spend considerable energy responding to requests from the press, and would very much appreciate this consideration in return.

We also work closely with Press Relations at SRI International where Doug Engelbart conducted his seminal research. To contact them directly via email This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it or phone 650-859-3845.

Additional Resources 4

For more background, you can use the main menu on our website to navigate the considerable resources available, including vision, initiatives, bigraphical information, writings, video archives, presentations, demos, workshops, panel discussions, topic summaries, etc.

"If the name Douglas C. Engelbart ever comes up on TV's Jeopardy game show, the question doubtless will have been: "Who invented the computer mouse?" In fact, that's hardly Engelbart's only claim. [...]

Ask Engelbart, and he says his life's work is about an even more audacious goal: trying to figure out ways to help the human race solve its increasingly complex problems..."

– Source: A man, a mouse, a mission. By Peter Burrows, Business Week, November 2, 2004.