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Augment - the commercial version of NLS, developed through Tymshare in the late 1970s.

DKR - Dynamic Knowledge Repository. A store of documents, videos, audio clips, etc. This might be a single web site, or might be an electronic store that serves many web sites. It includes the handbook, the conversations and annotations, and the contents, all dynamically upated.

DOM - Document Object Model. A platform- and language-neutral interface that will allow programs to dynamically access and update the content, structure and style of documents. The document can be further processed, and and the results of that processing can be incorporated back into the presented page.

Hyperscope - the OHS interface. Initially this will be a browser plugin (light overlay to the browser), that you can implement early and get immediate utility from legacy files. As it evolves to add more features (e.g. backlinking, editing), it wil become a bigger part of the OHS.

Hyperdocument - a knowledge container. Any container, no one says it has to be a file.

linkbase - literally, a database of links. (The definition of "linkbase" is still in flux. Eventually the OHS may choose another term.)

NLS - Doug Engelbart's oNLineSystem for collaborative work through computers, developed in the 1960s, and demonstrated at the 1968 "mother of all demos" in San Francisco.

OHS - the Open Hyperdocument System being developed by the Bootstrap Institute. It is a toolset with the structure and properties of the knowledge containers, plus the functions that you can execute on them, including viewing, traveling, linking, editing, etc. Includes auxilliary languages, compilers, tools, user interface. Does not include the contents of documents itself, only how you structure and operate on them.