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Overview Papers

Overview Paper
To enable highly effective dynamic collective work - what we call the collective intelligence of an organization, community, or nation - the technology must facilitate the collaborative processes, the capture and synthesis, and the useability of the organization's emerging knowledge base(s). This will require new universal standards for hypermedia document/information exchange, or Hyperdocuments (e.g. based on XML) upon which open-source tools (e.g. using java and including open agent architectures) will operate.

Knowledge-Domain Interoperability and an Open Hyperdocument System. (Engelbart/1990), describing the dynamic collaborative knowledge-work process which OHS is needed to support.

Toward High-Performance Organizations: A Strategic Role for Groupware (Engelbart/1992) , from a model for how we Concurrently Develop, Integrate, and Apply Knowledge ("CoDIAK"), to the transforming organizational environment in which the OHS technologies are assumed to be targeted.

OHS Requirements and Specfications

OHS Framework
OHS Framework (1998) an evolving document of the Technology Template Project of the Bootstrap Alliance outlining the basic functional and architecural requirements for Open-source Hyperdocument Systems ("OHS").

Hyperscope Requirements
Basic requirements for the first hyperscope build (Oct. 2000).

Authorship Provisions in Augment (Engelbart/1984), a basic description of the Augment/NLS System provisions for authoring and online publishing.

Background of the OHS

The Augmented Knowledge Workshop. This is a narrative by Doug Engelbart. It covers the conception of the personal computer, the mouse, client-server computing, word processing, email, and today's application service providers (ASPs). Most of the working features described in this history are still not available to the public.

Prior Work

Collaboration Provisions in Augment (Engelbart/1984), a basic description of the Augment/NLS System's provisions for collective work.

In the early '90s John Rothermel of TRW/ESL conducted a 6 month OHS Technology Evaluation, which included hands-on time developing a demo in Augment showing how a software development project might be conducted differently, working closely with Doug Engelbart and Christina Engelbart at Bootstrap Institute throughout. See:
OHSTE Final Report
Augment Differentiators
Augment Comparisons

From 1993-1996 Bootstrap Institute developed a modern client user interface to Augment using SmallTalk VisualWorks from PARCPlace. This client includes modern windowing, command menus, and integration of new link types to interface to the web, to be used for demonstrating key OHS concepts. We have also installed Augment mainframe software on a Sun Ultra provided by Sun Microsystems running a DEC20 emulator (KLH10).

Current Activities

We are currently working with SRI International AI Lab on an Open Source OHS Project to create a web-based OHS prototype using XML, java, and open agent architectures. This project is grounded in the Bootstrap Alliance.

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