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April 06, 2000
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Agenda: 2

Present: 3

Armstrong, Eric - TreeLight 
Cheyer, Adam - VerticalNet 
Coppernoll, Mary - Bootstrap Institute 
Deneen, John - Astounding 
Engelbart, Doug - Bootstrap Institute 
Iverson, Lee - SRI International 
Kim, Eugene - Linux Magazine 
Lang, Ruth - SRI International 
Liu, Howard - VerticalNet 
Park, Jack - VerticalNet 
Poggio, Andy - Sun Microsystems 
Scott, Neil - Stanford Unit/CSLI 
Welch, Rod - The Welch Company 
Williams, Joe - Williams Publications 
Yee, Su-Ling - SF Women on the Web. 3A

Minutes: 4

There are no formal minutes available, but in, Eric Armstrong <eric.armstrong@e...> wrote: 4A

Summary for 6 Apr 2000. 4B

1. We decided that in order to achieve the maximum "bootstrap" effect, our initial focus would be an OHS that aims to improve (distributed) open source  development. 4B1

2. We decided to investigate the Software Carpentry effort, LXR, and the Software Development Standard to see where we can dovetail efforts. See:
___LXR link to be provided___ 4B2




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