Colloquium Session 1 Questionnaire

1. You participated or are participating:

in person, at Stanford
online through the Live webcast
online through async webcast
through SITN live broadcast
through SITN replay broadcast
2. What brought you to this Engelbart
3. Your level of knowledge in Dr. Engelbart's Bootstrapping theory/strategy at the start of the colloquium is:
new at it
intermediate knowledge
4a. What is your level of interest in various aspects of Bootstrapping:
                        (on a scale from 1 to 5, with 5 being "High")
1 2 3 4 5






Case examples


Implementation (with your involvement)


4b. On those that are of particular interest to you, why are you
so interested? 
5. Please provide us your feedback on Session 1--"The Next Frontier - How Big is Big?"
                    (on a scale from 1 to 5, with 5 being "High")
1 2 3 4 5
Importance/value of the content


Delivery by primary presenter


Supporting presenters


Supporting material online


6. What did you like most
in Session 1: 
in the entire colloquium, so far: 
7. What would you suggest to improve
Session 1: 
the entire colloquium: 
8a. What is your domain of interest?
in the capacity of 
8b. How do you characterize the pace of change in your field?
very slow
very fast
8c. How is the current capacity of organizations/institutions in your field keeping up with these changes?
unable to
having difficulties
barely able to
coping well
9. Within your domain, could you address organizations' need to change themselves, the way they now do business?How do they need to change? How fast?
10. How does Bootstrapping theory/strategy relate to your area of interest, concern? And more specifically, augmentation strategy (particularly co-evolution), and bootstrapping (particularly linking C-level activities in a cooperative)
11. Do you have suggestions for implementing Bootstrapping concepts in your domain of interest? contacts? personal interest in doing so?
12. If you would like to participate in a community that would pursue Bootstrapping:
How could we reach you 
What would you be willing to do to help? 
What area(s) are of greatest interest? 
13. Additional areas/suggestions for improvement and/or synergy with similarly oriented activities?
14. Additional suggestions for implementation of bootstrapping theory/strategy?
15. Additional Comments :
16. Completed by :
Daytime Tel: 
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