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The Doug Engelbart Institute* was launched in 1988 by Doug Engelbart and his daughter Christina Engelbart to further his lifelong career goal of boosting our ability to better address complex, urgent problems. As he saw it, both the rate and the scale of change are increasing very rapidly worldwide, and we as a people must get that much faster and smarter at anticipating, assessing, and responding to important challenges collectively if we are to stay ahead of the curve, and thrive as a planet. In other words, we must get faster and smarter at boosting our Collective IQ.1

It is along this chosen career path that Doug Engelbart became prominent as a pioneer of the digital age. Best known for inventing the computer mouse, he and his research team at SRI were responsible for many pioneering firsts, originally showcased in his now-famous 1968 Demo. More on this story in our History, Archives, Library and Press Clippings pages, which are dedicated to conserving and chronicling the past. 2

However, the overarching aim of this website is to inform decision-makers and a wider public about a visionary strategy and tools for achieving peak performance within commercial enterprises as well as the public sector, and especially within initiatives aimed at making the world a better place. Doug Engelbart applied the same ingenuity that spawned his technological innovations to the challenge of how groups, organizations, nations, and societies can boost their Collective IQ, and use that heightened capacity for increasing innovation, effectiveness, and quality of life on a global scale. More on this strategy, as well as the enabling tools and techniques for strategic pursuit, in the Vision Highlights, Bootstrapping Innovation™, and Projects pages of this website.

We also serve as the official steward and agent of Doug Engelbart's seminal work. See the Doug Engelbart Archives for links to his papers, videotaped presentations and interviews, biographical information, and more.

Our Work 1

The Doug Engelbart Institute* was conceived as a vehicle for broad-based collaboration to explore how we can dramatically boost our collective ability to solve complex, urgent problems on a global scale. 1a

Simply put, our mission is to inspire, demonstrate and propogate breakthrough strategies, best practices, and open source tools for boosting the Collective IQ of teams, organizations, initiatives, communities, and even whole nations and societies; to cultivate an active collaborative network of participants from a cross-section of disciplines and sectors engaging in cross-cutting hands-on participatory initiatives via our interactive website; to foster pilot trials in partner organizations; to facilitate the incorporation of resulting open source tools into mainstream software; and to make the work broadly available through the web, through publications, gatherings, workshops, presentations and consulting. Ultimately the Institute seeks to promote an international alliance of stakeholders engaging in this work.1b

The stratetic principles underlying this work are based on Doug's lifelong vision for bootstrapping our Collective IQ for the purpose of rapidly increasing learning, innovation and effectiveness of teams, organizations, and society. Many of these organizing principles were embedded in his legendary research lab at SRI, which was responsible for more breakthrough innovation than probably any other lab before or since. 1c

The Doug Engelbart Institute is also steward of Engelbart's historic work, including his papers, photographic and video records, digital files, and software, in collaboration with the Internet Archive, Stanford University Special Collections, SRI International, the NMC, and the Computer History Museum. Visit our Archives page for details. 1d

The Doug Engelbart Institute is a California 501(c)3 not-for-profit incorporated in the State of California.1e

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To reach us via this website or through our offices at SRI International, see Contacting Us.2a

Members of the press please see our Press pages before contacting us.2b

A powerful strategy for the Knowledge Age:

"While Demming provided the improvement approach for the industrial age, Doug provided the innovation approach for the knowledge age."

Curt Carlson, President, SRI International
[Source: 2008]