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The Doug Engelbart Institute was founded by the late Doug Engel­bart with his daughter and partner Christina Engel­bart to further his life­long career goal of boosting our collec­tive capability to solve important challenges at scale.

    We recognize that the opportunities, problems, and challenges we face – whether business, social, political, economic, scientific, or environmental – are increasing exponentially on a global scale, so finding exponentially more powerful ways to collectively address important challenges is critical;

    This is both a dire threat and a golden opportunity – companies, initiatives, regions, nations that kick into gear on this soonest will likely surpass those that don't in leaps and bounds.

    The sooner we reach critical mass as a planet, the better off we all are, and thus there is tremendous value in sharing best practices, and in addressing this collectively as a Grand Challenge.

Our mission is to accelerate progress toward this goal, to dramatically raise our Collective IQ in teams, initiatives and organizations, through collaborative initiatives, outreach, coaching, and hands-on pilot expeditions. See Doug's Call to Action, and watch him present his message for the future at the Engelbart Academy, with case examples in our Networked Community Show­case, University Show­case, and Technology Show­case, and practical pointers and toolkits for Bootstrapping Brilliance in your teams and initiatives.

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A powerful strategy for the Knowledge Age:

"While Demming provided the improvement approach for the industrial age, Doug provided the innovation approach for the knowledge age."

Curt Carlson, former President, SRI International