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[ba-ohs-talk] gZigZag update

http://gzigzag.sourceforge.net/    (01)

gZigZag is the Java variant of Ted Nelson's ZigZag, an n-dimensional space 
complete with display, navigation, and editing capabilities.    (02)

A recent update to gZigZag has some significance to those who think about 
the issues that Nodal, Groves and so forth deal with.  Here's a quote:    (03)

"2001-10-01: Xanadu links between different cells quoting the same PDF 
file! We now have, in the default ZZ space that the current CVS rewrite (to 
be released as 0.8.0 Real Soon Now(tm)) some Xanadu model spans included 
from a foreign PDF file, and a visualization which shows the other cells 
which quote the same file.
(Screenshot) Note that the screenshot is VERY wide (1023 pixels) so you may 
have to scroll to see the other side. There are three reduced-size PDF 
pages on the image, and the two on the right-hand side are shown only 
because they quote the same mediaserver block containing the same pdf file. 
No explicit connection was created between the cells!
This has a momentous significance: whenever you write another comment on 
the same PDF file, they are all interconnected and never lost in the depths 
of the system somewhere. "Copying" bits of sources is equivalent to 
building a hyperstructure. All the hard work is finally starting to pay off 
- we are using this system ourselves to start putting together a good 
picture of hypermedia literature for ourselves. "    (04)