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[ba-ohs-talk] DB Prism XML database framework

Apache license.    (01)

DB Prism is an open source framework to generate dynamic XML from a 
database. Unlike other technologies, such as Apache XSP or Oracle XSQL 
servlet , DB Prism generates the dynamic XML inside the database, 
transforming it into an active database. An active database means that you 
use the database engine not only to execute SQL statements, but to directly 
return a complex XML representation of the data stored inside as well.    (02)

DB Prism is a servlet engine that works in two different modes: as a 
standalone servlet, or plugged into the Cocoon publishing framework. In the 
first mode, DB Prism works like the PLSQL Cartridge of Oracle Web Server . 
Plugged into the Cocoon framework , DB Prism works as a DB Producer, 
generating dynamic XML from a database    (03)

DB prism is coverd in detail in a Chapter 21 of the book Profesional XML 
Databases at Wrox Press.    (04)

DB Prism already includes support for Oracle databases, but its design 
allows developers to write adapters to plug into many other kinds of databases    (05)