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[ba-ohs-talk] Fwd: CG: Using CGs in a web server

>From: "John F. Sowa" <sowa@bestweb.net>
>In an earlier posting to CG list, I mentioned a recent article
>I wrote, entitled "Architectures for Intelligent Systems."
>The basic idea is to support cooperation among various AI
>components by issuing "speech acts" to a Linda-like blackboard,
>which would contain messages in CGIF or other languages.
>Following is the URL:
>   http://www.jfsowa.com/pubs/arch.htm
>There has also been some discussion on CG list about using an
>XML representation for CGs, and the question comes up about how
>and where an XML representation could be used instead of or in
>conjunction with a CGIF representation.
>Recently, I came across a system called LXP, which provides
>a mechanism for writing scripting programs in an XML-based
>language, which can also issue SQL queries to a relational DB.
>Following is an example of Hello-World program written in LXP:
>    <lxp>
>    <if hello="1">
>        Hello World!
>    </if>
>    <else>
>        It is not true
>    </else>
>    </lxp>
>Source: http://www.linuxworld.com/site-stories/2001/1128.lxp.html
>The LXP processor is written as a plug-in to the Apache web server,
>and it communicates with PostgreSQL to process SQL queries.  Following
>is another LXP example with an embedded query in SQL:
>    <lxp>
>    <include src="host=localhost port=5432 dbname=somedb user=someuser"
>             sql="SELECT name, c_city FROM company_auth">
>       Name: <field name="name" /><BR />
>       City: <field name="c_city" /><BR />
>       <BR />
>    </include>
>    </lxp>
>Suggestion:  Perhaps we could design something similar for CGIF
>based systems, which could interact through a Linda-like blackboard
>as described in the arch.htm article mentioned above.
>The communications would be written in a scripting language (similar
>to LXP), which would use the XML syntax.   The include tag could
>embed CGIF, but it might also support other languages, such as
>SQL, KIF, or structured natural languages.  Other tags would
>specify the speech act (as described in the arch.htm article).
>There are many more issues to be explored, but this example
>illustrates one way that a browser-based GUI could communicate
>with a collection of intelligent components that use CGIF or other
>notations as their native language.
>John Sowa
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