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[ba-ohs-talk] Inxar -- Grove-like

http://inxar.org/rsl/    (01)

I believe that I might have posted this to Unrev many moons back.  Here it 
is again.  It reminds of NODAL and other Grove-like thinking.    (02)

"RSL is a new structured information language similar in theory to SGML and 
XML. While it has many features similar to the current lineage of markup 
languages, it has a number of fundamental differences:
       Design of the abstract data types preceded design of the syntax.
       The core data model uses a unattributed node graph rather than an 
attributed node tree.
       Individual elements (nodes) may be named, allowing fine-grained 
node addressing.
       Nodes may reference other nodes by address, forming complex graph 
       A node expressed syntactically as an element or an attribute (in 
XML-speak) is equivalent. This is called element-attribute ismorphism.
       Datatypes are first-class syntactic literals. This means that <node 
value=true> and <node value="true"> are not equivalent (one defines a 
boolean and the other defines a string).
       A binary file format is defined for fast parsing and validation for 
performance-critical or memory-restricted applications.
       Most of the concepts are redefined in terms of modern programming 
languages such as Java rather than in terms of markup text processing. This 
makes is easier for the newbie to learn RSL (assuming they are familiar 
with programming languages).
RSL is an acronym overloaded to signify "Reticular Structure Language" and 
"Reticular Structure Layer". Thus, the grand unified theory of RSL includes 
not only a structured data language, but an entire information exchange 
architecture. These ideas are still evolving. "    (03)