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Re: [ba-ohs-talk] rebol

>I would think that a lively discussion about Rebol is in order here.    (01)

Their license agreement for the download of the core platform
sounds non-ideal.  It claims that in order to distribute the core
distribution with any code you write, you have to give rebol.com your
sourcecode or you are in violation of the agreement.  They charge 79$
per core install for a version which doesn't have this stipulation.    (02)

License agreement: http://www.rebol.com/downloads.html    (03)

The lightweightness of the distribution seems nice, but in playing
with it, I got it to crash quite a bit and found its behaviour somewhat
confusing... run a script I write and the interface pops up and disappears
without any information about what happened.  There doesnt appear to be
any type of log and I can't figure out how to make it print to the console
instead of to its own interface window which disappears immediately.    (04)

Looks like it has some promise, but how much faith do I have in 
a new non-open source scripting language?  How much time am I going
to spend developing software for this when there are many other
languages which already fill this spot?  It all depends on who they sell
out to, I guess, and what the corporate character is of the next owners.    (05)

The main things this seems to offer is that its extremely light weight and
is designed to be internet-enabled.  200K is really amazingly small
by today's standards.    (06)

bcl    (07)