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Re: [ba-ohs-talk] SchoolForge

At 03:29 PM 12/20/2001 -0800, Malcom Dean wrote:    (01)

>Here are some links to sites discussing concepts and skills which, to me at
>least, seem potentially related.
>TRIZ sites    (02)

I think these are very related sites.  For instance:
At http://www.osaka-gu.ac.jp/php/nakagawa/TRIZ/eTRIZ/eIntroduction980517.html
there is this explanation of TRIZ:    (03)

""Theory of Inventive Problem Solving (TRIZ)" has been developed and 
since 1946 in ex-USSR and has become known to the western countries after 
the end of
the Cold War as a new methodology for technological innovation. It is based 
on the
philosophy: "Improvements, innovations, and evolutions of technologies 
share some
common aspects across their fields and their eras. Thus, by extracting such 
essences out of a large number of excellent cases, and by making them easy 
to retrieve
after classification, we may reuse them for facilitating new development of 
Especially, excellent cases of technology innovation can be understood in a 
number of
patterns of breaking through the contradictions in the problem; such 
patterns provide
us hints for our own creative innovation."
The followings have already been established as a methodology system and 
in real parctice:
(a) Trends of evolution of technical systems
(b) Inverted database of science and technology which are retrievable from 
goals to various candidates of technical means
(c) 40 "Principles of Invention"
(d) "Contradiction Solving Matrix": corresponding to each element of a 
problem matrix
of 39 improving aspects versus 39 worsening aspects, top four 
Principles of Invention are quoted on the basis of an ellaborate analysis 
of world patents "    (04)

This talk about evolving solutions sounds a lot like what Douglas Engelbart 
has been saying; evolving solutions.  Doug takes it a level higher, to 
construct an improvement infrastructure that, itself, evolves.  Taking a 
look at TRIZ sites makes a lot of sense.    (05)