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[ba-ohs-talk] Mindora -- MindMap learning

Java -- GPL (I think -- trouble reading das Deutsch)    (01)

" Imagine a planet on which beings who possess the opportunity to express 
their creativity with its full potential live. On these internet pages they 
present to you the newest key technology to your creativity, learning and 
the access to the whole spectrum of human potential spread out across all 
imaginable fields. The multifunctional computer program "Mindora" which is 
presented on these pages extends the Internet by a method of learning 
called "Mind Mapping " and makes possible an epoch-making way to creativity 
and understanding and allows everybody to learn with a huge amount of time 
saving and an increased communication whatever somebody wants.    (02)

Finally the program is available with sourcecode! On the download site you 
can take a look at the current state of development. Required software: 
Java Development Kit, Java3D.    (03)

With the help of "Mind Mapping" our blue Earth will already very soon 
through understanding in togetherness get blessed with happiness, peace and 
love. This millenium's main issue is how learning to learn is possible in 
order to gain a a better understanding of how to deal with everybody's 
ressources. Take a look at the program features of "Mindora" and be amazed 
at what we this virtual project in 3D has to offer to you.    (04)

Since Mindora gets programmed for idealistic purposes it is freeware. We 
would be happy if you could support us in finding new programmers. 
Certainly this creative, powerful tool is something for you. Fly to the 
rainbow together with us ! :-)"    (05)