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[ba-ohs-talk] Heads up: 2 yr Mifflin Java developer post

Hi all,    (01)

The formal advert is not out yet, but this is an informal advance
alert to those interested in IBIS/dialog mapping/collaborative
technologies that I have a 2 year Java developer post here in KMi,
project due to start ~April. The project is to integrate the Mifflin
issue mapping hypertext tool
[http://www.CompendiumInstitute.org/tools/mifflin.htm] (extending
Jeff Conklin's QuestMap) with other collaboration tools to support
remote collaboration between scientists (part of the UK eScience Grid
Computing initiative).    (02)

Expertise in Java/Swing, XML, Visual Basic, ontologies, PHP all
relevant. Passion for elegant user interfaces, meeting facilitation,
and knowledge construction gives you an edge. Come and join KMi!    (03)

If you want to discuss in advance, feel free to contact me direct.    (04)

cheers,    (05)

Simon    (06)