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Re: [ba-ohs-talk] Tunney Act and the Microsoft case

on 2002/01/23 7:31 AM, Jack Park at jackpark@thinkalong.com wrote:    (01)

...    (02)

> I plan to take enough time to suggest that the file specifications for all MS
> products be made public domain and always updated.  It's my thought that the
> ability to duplicate files made by MS products is the proper way to to break
> the stranglehold, given that this would allow competitive products to safely
> claim MS compatibility.    (03)

It's not just files anymore, it's also protocols. Both would need to be
published and MS products validated against them (to make sure the published
formats and protocols really reflect what their products do), in sufficient
advance of the release of their relevant products, in order for the "playing
field" to be leveled for the foreseeable future.    (04)

[In addition to the bundling restrictions they've already agreed to.]    (05)

Of course, RIAA would also not be very fond of such a proposal...
Kevin Keck
keck@kecklabs.com    (06)