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[ba-ohs-talk] Java native compilation

http://www-106.ibm.com/developerworks/java/library/j-native.html?loc=j    (01)

"Despite its many high points, there are still several issues with the Java 
language that rule out its use in key projects. These include execution 
speed, memory footprint, disk footprint, and JVM availability. JIT 
compilers do much to improve the platform's execution speed and J2ME 
greatly reduces its memory footprint, but in many domains Java applications 
simply cannot compete with their native (typically C/C++) counterparts. To 
resolve these problems, many developers have turned to Java native 
compilers, which allow applications to be written in the Java language and 
then compiled into native executables. This solution will cost you in terms 
of platform independence, but it can result in the faster execution and 
smaller footprint essential to so many of today's applications.
To bring you up to speed on Java native compilation technology, we'll start 
with a discussion of the basics of code compilation, including a brief 
overview of why many developers are employing Java native compilers for 
their applications. Next, we'll test the results of Java native 
compilation, using a free software compiler and two different applications 
(one very simple, the other more sophisticated). These examples and the 
resulting metrics will serve as a first-hand look at how the recent Java 
native compilers compare with the JVM."     (02)