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[ba-ohs-talk] Fwd: [xml-dev] ANN: STM-ML - a markup language for scientific publishing

>To: xml-dev@lists.xml.org
>From: Peter Murray-Rust <peter@ursus.demon.co.uk>
>In scientific/technical/medical (STM) publishing a large number of
>constructs occur frequently, regardless of the discipline. This includes
>numeric and other strongly typed data which are essentially isomorphous,
>differing only in their labels.
>In our own work (e.g. in chemistry and medicine) we have found it necessary
>to support the following:
>         - numeric data, with scientific units
>         - regular structures of homogeneous data types (arrays, matrixes, 
> tables)
>         - containers for metadata
>         - dictionaries for scientific terms, including dictionary-driven
>constraints (datatypes, values, enumerations, etc.)
>         - abstract objects for scientific discourse (object, action, 
> observation,
>We have created STM-ML to support this, based on XML Schemas both for its
>own definition and also for the constraints added by the dictionaries. It
>has been tested as providing the "non-chemical" core of Chemical Markup
>Language, but it can support other disciplines and we offer it to the
>scientific and XML communities.
>A paper can be found at:
>and the full schema is linked (as a monolithic document[*]). We would
>welcome comments, especially on the construction of the schema. We know
>that other groups are working in this area and expect there to be a variety
>of approaches of which STM-ML is one.
>An important aspect is to keep the language simple so that newcomers can
>understand it.
>Peter and Henry
>[*] The schema is modular but built from XML entities rather than
><xsd:import> because (initially) there was a problem with Xerces in
>resolving relative URLs.
>Peter Murray-Rust. (CML, VHG and XML-DEV)
>CML http://www.xml-cml.org/
>Virtual HyperGlossary http://www.vhg.org.uk/ [new website; has XML demos]
>Unilever Centre for Molecular Informatics, Cambridge University, UK
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