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Re: [ba-ohs-talk] Fwd: CG: Negotiation Instead of Legislation

>From the abstract:
  ...for any given task, people manage to work together without
  reorganizing the totality of all the knowledge soup in their heads.
  Instead of legislation, they use negotiation to make the minimal
  adjustments needed to get the job done...    (01)

Couldn't be more more clearly or accurately stated.    (02)

The concept of automatically identifying a "canonical graph"
by a computer generated search for analogies (with negotiation
over discrepancies) is an interesting one.    (03)

It sounds as though topic maps would be one kind of graph that
could be analyzied to make a conceptual graph, which could
be searched for analogies.    (04)

This is the basic mechanism I've postulated for an "agent-based
search of relevant projects" -- using a search for systems that
have a similar map, therefore finding all kinds of interesting
analogues that appear on the surface to be totally different.    (05)

Sowa points to a work that has taken that concept to the Nth
degree -- far beyond anything I had envisioned -- citing Arun
Majumdar's CG-based  analogy finder, VivoMind. Apparently,
it is smart enough to uncover similarities that aren't even
apparent from inspecting the graphs!    (06)

Fascinating.    (07)

Jack Park wrote:    (08)

> fyi...
> >From: "John F. Sowa" <sowa@bestweb.net>
> >
> >In my recent notes, I have explained why I believe that legislated
> >ontologies, such as CYC, SUMO, and others, are misguided and obsolete.
> >
> >Some people have objected that we have to start somewhere and that
> >we should build on what has already been done.  I agree with both
> >of those principles, but I disagree with the suggested starting
> >points and the suggested direction in which to proceed.
> >
> >Instead, I believe that our starting point must be the existing
> >legacy computer systems that have been implemented over the past
> >50 years and that won't go away for a long, long time.  Furthermore,
> >I believe that new developments must proceed in an evolutionary way
> >from where we are to where we want to be instead of an all-or-nothing
> >jump into the unknown.
> >
> >In my keynote presentation for the Knowledge Technologies Conference,
> >which will be given in Seattle on March 13th, I make those points,
> >and I discuss successful implementations that have worked on major
> >systems.  Following are the slides for the talk:
> >
> >    http://www.jfsowa.com/talks/negotiat.htm
> >
> >At the end of the slides are some recommended readings for further
> >background about these issues.
> >
> >John Sowa
> >
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