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Re: [ba-ohs-talk] Re: Rethinking Licensing

I am losing my patience with this discussion.    (01)

> But I thought that most people on this list disliked
> the viral nature of
> the GPL. 
Untill the understand it.    (02)

>>As long as we're arguing by analogy, that's
> like saying
> that if you used my free textbook explaining the
> laws of physics,
> then everything you manufacture has to be free.
Wrong.    (03)

> Of course, I may misunderstand the GPL -- I've only
> listen with half
> an ear when these discussions go by.
Then dont talk about it.    (04)

> And there is a strong case that the world would have
> been better
> off without the profit incentive. 
GPL is not against profit, it is pro freedom.    (05)

> Make it impossible to make a living at
> it, and certainly
> no "dominating force" will ever come into existence.
This not an informed statement.    (06)

I am getting sick of this discussion :    (07)

What software is available for Online Hypertext
Systems? What license is it under? 
Who has time to contribute to it? What license would
you be willing to put your work under?
GPL is my answer, and I would like to see some of
these ideas that implemented in a way that we can use.    (08)

People just like compaining about "free software"
because they cannot make a quick buck off it like BSD
licensed code.
More people dont want to make a honest contribution,
just take, take, take, complain, complain, complain.    (09)

But if they need a compiler they are really happy that
the GCC is there and works fine!    (010)

Mike    (011)

James Michael DuPont    (012)

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