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[ba-ohs-talk] Fwd: [xml-dev] Open source XML Editor

This looks pretty good!    (01)

>From: Justin Lipton <justin@ns.xn.com.au>
>Subject: [xml-dev] Open source XML Editor
>I am pleased to announce the release of the Xerlin open source XML Editor
>project http://www.xerlin.org.
>Xerlin is an open source, java based, XML editor released under an Apache
>style license.  It has an extensible architecture designed to support
>customized user interfaces.
>Users and developers are welcome to use and contribute to the project.
>Source and binary distributions are available, including the latest CVS
>Xerlin includes software developed by ChannelPoint, Inc. for use in the
>Merlot XML Editor www.merlotxml.org (the original Merlot site is no longer
>active). ChannelPoint founded and hosted the Merlot XML Editor as an open
>source project during 2000-2001. Xerlin has been created to build on those
>foundations, and has the support of many of the same Developers.
>The Xerlin project is hosted by SpeedLegal (http://www.speedlegal.com),
>the XML-based document assembly company.    (02)