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[ba-ohs-talk] KM and Dave Snowden's Vision of Story

Malcolm,    (01)

Thanks for the tip on Dave's up coming presentation.  By coincidence a
letter came in the other day on Dave's ideas for KM that touch on
issues that have been taken up by the OHS/DKR group (e.g., definition
of KM, addressability, a professional role, which you mentioned the
other day)...    (02)

http://www.welchco.com/03/00050/61/02/08/1201.HTM#0001    (03)

Rod    (04)

**********    (05)

Malcolm Dean wrote:
> As knowledge management through story is a part of this discussion, I note
> that StoryCon, the World's 1st Summit Meeting on the Art, Science &
> Applicaton of Story (www.storycon.org), will occur in Palm Springs,
> September 26-29.
> David Snowden and other business and KM speakers will be presenting, as well
> as leading story technology gurus such as James Bonnet.
> Malcolm Dean
> Los Angeles    (06)