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Re: [ba-ohs-talk] Collaborative Editing / Tracking?

>From the OpenOffice Help File:    (01)

Select this command to show recorded changes.    (02)

      To access this function...    (03)

      Choose Edit - Changes - ShowChoose Edit - Changes - Show    (04)

A check mark indicates whether the Show function is active. All recorded
changes will be visible in the document.    (05)

According to the default settings, insertions will be underlined and
cancellations shown with a line drawn through them. Under Tools - Options -
Text documents - Changes you can change these settings to fit your needs.    (06)

A change is always saved with the following information: The author who made
the changes is read from the user data entered in OpenOffice.org (Tools -
Options - OpenOffice.org - User Data). The date and time of the change are
taken from the system setting. A commentary on the change can be made via
Edit - Changes - Commentary.    (07)