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[ba-ohs-talk] Fwd: [jxtaSpaces] Rete for tuplespace?

There's a huge win for OHS if ways are found to seamlessly integrate 
business rules into the infrastructure.  This is starting to look like a 
candidate. I blogged this subject at http://www.nexist.org/wiki/User0Blog    (01)

Jack    (02)

>To: discuss@jxtaspaces.jxta.org
>From: Jack Park <jackpark@thinkalong.com>
>Bob McWhirter posted a message on xml-dev that included this URL:
>The subject was something about "Tuplesphere" to which I had replied 
>mentioning jxtaSpaces, to which he replied with that, hinting that there 
>might be a fit between Rete (his BSD-licensed Java implementation) and 
>In my version of jxtaSpaces, I added a simple first order logic 
>interpreter for doing pattern matching. Rete might be better.
>If Rete could be combined with tuplespace, then the door is wide open to 
>allowing business rules to run against coordination space, keeping 
>everything running according to the rules in a seamless fashion.
>Comments welcome.
>Jack    (03)

XML Topic Maps: Creating and Using Topic Maps for the Web.
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