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Re: [ba-ohs-talk] Interesting open source license

I believe an equivalent clause is also in the NPL/MPL (Netscape/Mozilla
Public License), along with another clause requiring that contributors to
the codebase fully disclose their patent claims on any piece of code they
contribute.    (01)

And I think Stallman has said he probably would have included something
similar in the GPL if he had known at the time that patents were eventually
going to be granted for software.
Kevin Keck
keck@kecklabs.com    (02)

on 2002/08/28 2:27 PM, Jack Park at jackpark@thinkalong.com wrote:    (03)

> http://www.opensif.org/download/license.html#1
> Take a look at this clause:
> "If you assert any patent claims against the Licensor relating to the
> Licensed Product, or if you breach any terms of the License, your rights to
> the Licensed Product under this License automatically terminate. "
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