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Re: [ba-ohs-talk] Java Outliner

YSSS!!! This one is pretty danr close to right on. It includes a macro
facility and, most importantly, multii-line outline elements.    (01)

Cute name, too: Java Outline Editor (JOE)    (02)

The examples show XHTML or HTML syntax. (Not sure which.)
But it's not clear if the editor works on plain text outliner which just
happens to include HTML tags, or if the editor understands the
structure.    (03)

I suspect the former, which would make it quite easy to use the
outliner for source code. Especially since it includes line numbers,
which makes it possible to find out where a But, if the latter, open questions
are:    (04)

  a) Will it import arbitrary HTML and do an intelligent job of
      structuring the input?    (05)

  b) Will it accept arbitrary XML?    (06)

If it *is* an editor that understands HTML syntax, then a
great enhancement would be the ability to render an <h1>
element in H1 form, for example.    (07)

Regardless of the answers, this is a great find. It's definitely something
to build on. (You posted something else recently that included an
outliner, Jack. What was that. As I recall, that one had some
limitations. Perhaps this one would substitute?)    (08)

Jack Park wrote:    (09)

> http://outliner.sourceforge.net
> BSD license
> "This is an outliner and MDI implemented in Java Swing. The GUI is similar
> to the outliner found in Userland's Frontier. Requires Java 1.3 and has
> been tested on 98/NT/2000 and MacOSX. Linux and Solaris also work but still
> have minor issues."    (010)