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[ba-ohs-talk] Fwd: [K-Logs] Innovations in K-Log news aggregation

I think that this post from John Robb opens up a bunch of new threads for 
thinking about implementations of structures necessary to support DKRs.    (01)

>From: "John Robb" <jrobb@userland.com>
>Dear K-Loggers,
>The floodgates to news subscriptions are increasingly swinging 
>wide.  Since, news subscriptions and syndication are an important part of 
>the rapidly evolving world of K-Logs I thought I would keep you up to date 
>on some important recent developments.
>A little background.  K-Log tools automatically produce newsfeeds for your 
>weblog when you publish it.  These feeds can be identified by a small 
>orange "xml" icon like this:
>Radio offers a two-click simplified subscription icon that is on tens of 
>thousands of weblogs.  It looks like this (if Radio is running on your 
>desktop, clicking this icon will automatically take you to the 
>subscription page in Radio):
>So, immediately everyone that publishes a K-Log, whether on an Intranet or 
>on the Internet, becomes a syndicated source (it's pretty funny that the 
>technology needed to do this three years ago cost tens of thousands of 
>$$).  Other people in the company subscribe to it if they are running a 
>K-Log tool.  This is the basis for Knowledge networks where all the most 
>recent happenings are automatically aggregated into a single news page for 
>easy scanning.  Additionally, integration of news aggregation with 
>publishing in a K-Log tool makes it very easy to add an annotation to an 
>interesting news item and publish it to your own K-Log.
>Up until recently, finding commercial sources of news on a wide variety of 
>sources has been difficult (despite significant efforts).  Here is a 
>compilation of commercial sources I compiled a week or so ago (clicking on 
>the small mug with Radio running will allow you subscribe):
>However, things have happened that have made it much easier to find 
>news.  A quiet announcement by Yahoo Finance that they have built a 
>newsfeed for news on public companies.  The form of the newsfeed comes in 
>is a standard format that looks like this (this one is for Microsoft = MSFT ):
>To use this feed, all you need to do is copy and paste this URL into your 
>K-Log's subscription area.  To change the feed to gather news on stocks 
>you are interested in, all you need to do is change the ticker 
>symbol.  For example, change MSFT (for Microsoft) to YHOO (for Yahoo) etc.
>Much more on the way.  This is starting to get exciting.
>John Robb
><http://jrobb.userland.com>http://jrobb.userland.com    (02)

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