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RE: [ba-ohs-talk] Global Issues Site

Murray,    (01)

Thanks for the update on ceryle.  I would like to see some discussion on-line.  I am interested in the generation of web pages aspect.    (02)

	-	-	-	-	-	-	-    (03)

More than that, thanks for the link to the Global Issues site.  That is an amazing compilation.  It is also not so strident in its tone, based on my visit, as the lines you inserted above the URL.    (04)

I recommend this site for its excellent work in marshalling information and discussions.  I think it supports, as a resource, some of the qualities Gary is speaking to, in terms of providing access to being informed about issues, and how groups can align on common purpose, come to agreement, etc.    I don't mean that the material shouldn't be viewed skeptically.  I think it should be questions and one should not be automatically accepting of the selections.  What impresses me is that the organizer of the site invites that approach, and provides many links and material so that we can become informed.      (05)

A recent topic on the site is "sustainability."  This is about our common existence on the planet and perhaps that is an appropriate focus for application of the kinds of tools we talk about here.  I will keep watching that topic,among others.    (06)

An amazing aspect of this site is that it appears to be the part-time work of a single individual who organizes and stitches it all together as a personal vocation.  This example is the evidence that I take as persuasive concerning OHS tools first needing to make sense and be valuable to individuals in individual pursuits that extend to community contributions.    (07)

I recall that early in the development of cyberspace there was the idea that information brokers would become important.  That is we would turn to those who are agile and clear in their organization and compilation of materials aligned with our interests.  The Global Issues site could be an example of that.  It's rather different than blogging or of frequency of reference as determiners of search topicality.  I think those avenues are useful too.  One thing I could see is a Wiki backup to Global Issues that allows people to contribute more links, identify where different interpretations are offered, etc., without getting stuck in positions.    (08)

-- Dennis    (09)

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ON THE FLY!    (010)

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Sorry I missed this one.    (012)

Actually, I will be releasing a reduced version of my open source
Java application (Ceryle) called "Cerylette" that performs only
a few functions.    (013)

One of them is to take any text document, or a document containing
APT codes (Augmented Plain Text), generating plinked XHTML. This
will include paragraph-level links and link targets.    (014)

This is something I'm working up for Jon Awbrey and others who wanted
a quick way to generate web pages.    (015)

[We can discuss this offline or online if you wish.]    (016)

Murray    (017)

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