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[ba-ohs-talk] grass roots peer review

just thought i'd give folks an update on my little corner of the 
knowledge-management world,    (01)

We gave our first public presentation of our design for what we're
calling Grass Roots Peer Review at a small conference we spoke at
recently.    (02)

I will hopefully be able to get some time in the next few days to turn the
notes for the talk into a coherent document I can send to the group, but
it got enough interest from some technical people there that we will
probably be taking the current design and trying to find some targeted
donations to support the development of this project.    (03)

I have discussed this with a few OHS folks over the last couple years
and I think it ties very much into the OHS / unrev / augment concept,
although it is also somewhat independent from it.  Due to insane time
constraints on me over the last 18 months (I'm sure many here
can commiserate), I have had only a couple hundred hours total
to spend on the architecture and implementation..     (04)

Mostly what I've been working on is an implementation of a flexible
ontology and nodal-ish cross referencing model based in PHP and
mysql.  The next step is to formalize the description of the GRPReview concept.
This conference talk was the first attempt to communicate it clearly to
other humans instead of just one-on-one conversations.    (05)

Things were looking good for us being able to hire someone full time to help
me with the code, until our major funder died a few weeks ago.  sigh.  Back
to the joys of fundraising.  I am hoping we can get 40 to 50K in 2003 targeted
towards this so we can get some serious development done.  I have a couple
of inspired developers interested, but for SF / LA area folks 50K is really 
a minimum for anyone with real skills.    (06)

Oh, and in case anyone is wondering, redhat 8 seems really sluggish.    (07)

earth    (08)