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[ba-ohs-talk] intro & IBIS namespace

Hi folks,    (01)

I'm new to the list, though browsing the archives I noticed a few familiar
names ;-)    (02)

Introduction :
My name is Danny and I'm interested in OHS-related stuff, particularly the
Semantic Web (through RDF glasses). In recent years I've mostly been working
as a freelance tech writer, but recently I decided to have a crack at
actually *doing* something for a change - writing what will essentially be
an RDF-backed mindmapping tool (link below). I live in the Garfagnana
Valley, northern Italy.    (03)

IBIS namespace :
Right, I was wondering if the IBIS/gIBIS terms (pros,
cons/supports,objects-to etc) were 'registered' in a namespace at all. I've
noticed here and there the use of the IBIS: prefix, but I couldn't find a
ref. I'm wanting to use the terms in an RDF vocabulary, and would rather use
an existing ns if possible. (I'm only a little way through Jack's book, but
I think that a PSI set would be equivalent).    (04)

Danny.    (05)

Danny Ayers    (06)

Idea maps for the Semantic Web
http://ideagraph.net    (07)

<stuff> http://www.isacat.net </stuff>    (08)

Semantic Web Log :
http://www.citnames.com/blog    (09)