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RE: [ba-ohs-talk] intro & IBIS namespace

Thanks Jeff - that was quick ;-)    (01)

>No, the IBIS terms are not registered or copyrighted at all.  It's public
>property, so have at it.    (02)

Great! (I forgot about copyright - slap wrist)    (03)

I'll set up a purl then, all being well "http://purl.org/ibis";    (04)

>Note that there are actually two sets of IBIS terms around.  Horst
>original terminology (as described in the seminal paper available at
><http://www-iurd.ced.berkeley.edu/pub/abstract_wp131.htm>) was "issue",
>"position", and "argument" for the basic three elements.    (05)

Ok, I guess the thing to do will be try and follow the most common current
usage (bit of googling), but allow for variants - I take it these will be
synonyms..?    (06)

>The original version of QuestMap (called "CM/1") used those terms, but we
>switched to "questions", "ideas", "pros", and "cons" around 1993 because
>they were a bit clearer and more intuitive (and they suggested
>better icons!).    (07)

Ooh, I'm definitely with the better icons...    (08)

Thanks again,
Danny.    (09)