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RE: [ba-ohs-talk] intro & IBIS namespace

>Compendium followed the QuestMap model, and you can see a set of different
>treatments of icons for these node types at
>http://www.compendiuminstitute.org/tools/skins.htm. There are some new ones
>on the way also.    (01)

Thanks Albert, very nice they look too! I've also found a lot of interesting
reading around the site. I've yet to make up my mind whether to apply for
the non-commercial version of Mifflin (what I'm doing now is public domain)
or commercial (I want the vocab for a commercial app I'm working on)...    (02)

Anyhow, I've now registered the permanent URL http://purl.org/ibis for use
as a namespace, and have made a start on writing up an RDF representation.
Once I have it roughed out, I'll run it through the gauntlet of this list's
members, also the RDF & XTM folks.    (03)

I think there is an advantage in keeping to a small vocabulary (maybe half a
dozen term), as other existing/future vocabularies can be used to add
additional semantic decoration. So far I'm looking at using (more or less)
the QuestMap words, for the reasons Jeff described. Differences in this
representation from the QuestMap approach largely stem from the fact that
RDF is quite open world, and the pro/con arguments seem to map better to
arcs in the RDF graph, as properties/relations - the same argument can be
pro one idea yet con another. When closed by context though the ideas can be
viewed as being tied to the particular pro/con property, so the QuestMap
style of diagram should still work.    (04)

I found the papers at the Knowledge Media Institute very interesting,
particularly where the Compendium data was feed through WebOnto [1]. An RDF
representation should allow this kind of activity with a lot other such
tools.    (05)

Danny.    (06)

[1] http://kmi.open.ac.uk/publications/papers/kmi-tr-103.pdf    (07)

>Jeff Conklin <jeff.conklin@verizon.net>@bootstrap.org on 10/22/2002
>02:16:56 PM
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>Hi Danny,
>No, the IBIS terms are not registered or copyrighted at all.  It's public
>property, so have at it.
>Note that there are actually two sets of IBIS terms around.  Horst Rittel's
>original terminology (as described in the seminal paper available at
><http://www-iurd.ced.berkeley.edu/pub/abstract_wp131.htm>) was "issue",
>"position", and "argument" for the basic three elements.
>The original version of QuestMap (called "CM/1") used those terms, but we
>switched to "questions", "ideas", "pros", and "cons" around 1993 because
>they were a bit clearer and more intuitive (and they suggested better
>At 07:42 PM 10/22/2002 +0200, you wrote:
>>Hi folks,
>>I'm new to the list, though browsing the archives I noticed a few familiar
>>names ;-)
>>Introduction :
>>My name is Danny and I'm interested in OHS-related stuff, particularly the
>>Semantic Web (through RDF glasses). In recent years I've mostly been
>>as a freelance tech writer, but recently I decided to have a crack at
>>actually *doing* something for a change - writing what will essentially be
>>an RDF-backed mindmapping tool (link below). I live in the Garfagnana
>>Valley, northern Italy.
>>IBIS namespace :
>>Right, I was wondering if the IBIS/gIBIS terms (pros,
>>cons/supports,objects-to etc) were 'registered' in a namespace at all.
>>noticed here and there the use of the IBIS: prefix, but I couldn't find a
>>ref. I'm wanting to use the terms in an RDF vocabulary, and would rather
>>an existing ns if possible. (I'm only a little way through Jack's book,
>>I think that a PSI set would be equivalent).
>>Danny Ayers
>>Idea maps for the Semantic Web
>><stuff> http://www.isacat.net </stuff>
>>Semantic Web Log :
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