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[ba-ohs-talk] Mind mapping tool

Freemind is an open source java mind mapping tool. The name came up in an outliner mail list coupled to touchgraph,




From the intro page:


Because FreeMind is written in Java, it will run on virtually any computer. Just try it! :-)


A bit more technically speaking, FreeMind is a general tool for editing tree-structured data. That means, FreeMind is intended for editing Mind maps, XML/HTML Documents, Directory trees etc. In future, even network-structures will be supported, ie. Topic Maps (ISO) etc. All these data is represented to the user as a Mind map. This is achived with a modular design, which makes it possible to easily write modules, only designing the model of the problem (the data structure), without caring for the visual representation at all. Currently a Mind Mapping and a File Mode are implemented. Other modes should follow soon.




Garold (Gary) L. Johnson