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RE: Another such tool: Re: [ba-ohs-talk] Mind mapping tool

We've also talked about having related views be an optional bubble-help
item when hovering over a node, and/or in the status bar.    (01)

Alex Shapiro <alex@touchgraph.com>@bootstrap.org on 10/30/2002 01:35:16 AM    (02)

Please respond to ba-ohs-talk@bootstrap.org    (03)

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albert.m.selvin@verizon.com wrote:    (07)

>I'd be interested in learning more about how other tools represent nodes
>multiple views, and how they leverage that. A quick view of what
>allows with this: if a node is in more than one view, a visual indication
>of that appears on each view that it's in. You can also click on the node
>and find out what other views it's in, as well as what other nodes it's
>linked to in each of those views. In past projects we have used that
>property to express and query a lot of 'deep' relationships, such as the
>interractions of systems, tasks, people, and other resources in complex
>business processes (for an example, see
>http://kmi.open.ac.uk/kmi-abstracts/kmi-tr-92-abstract.html).    (08)

A visual indication on a note that it's in multiple views is a good
idea.  Something else that I am planning to implement for TouchGraph is to
create a sidebar that lists all the related views for all the currently
visible nodes.  This way one can see that related views exist right away,
as well as read their names instead of having to right click off a node.    (09)

--Alex    (010)