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[ba-ohs-talk] Fwd: [PORT-L] MIT's Superarchive

See also http://sourceforge.net/projects/dspace/ and
http://www.dspace.org    (01)

This is a Java, BSD licensed project which appears suitable as a foundation 
for an OHS.
Jack    (02)

>MIT is creating an archive for preserving its research publications
>for posterity.  Following is the web site:
>    http://www.technologyreview.com/articles/print_version/atwood1202.asp
>The two opening paragraphs below.
>John Sowa
>Every year MIT researchers create at least 10,000 papers, data files,
>images, collections of field notes, and audio and video clips. The
>research often finds its way into professional journals, but the rest of
>the material remains squirreled away on personal computers, Web sites,
>and departmental servers. It's accessible to only a few right now. And
>with computers and software evolving rapidly, the time is coming when
>files saved today will not be accessible to anyone at all.
>Until recently there has been no overall plan to archive or preserve
>such work for posterity. But true to its problem-solving nature, MIT has
>come up with a solution. In September the Institute launched DSpace, a
>Web-based institutional repository where faculty and researchers can
>save their intellectual output and share it with their colleagues around
>the world and for centuries to come. The result of a two-year
>collaboration of the MIT Libraries and Hewlett-Packard, DSpace is built
>on open-source software and is available to anyone free of charge. But
>it's even more important to note that many believe this groundbreaking
>effort will fundamentally change the way scholars disseminate their
>research findings.    (03)

XML Topic Maps: Creating and Using Topic Maps for the Web.
Addison-Wesley, ISBN 0-201-74960-2.    (04)

http://www.nexist.org/wiki/User0Blog    (05)