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[ba-ohs-talk] MindMapping, MindManuals

From a page out of the MindManuals site: http://www.mindmanuals.com/livesample/mml-27-wrapper/index.html


MindManuals Fractal


The MindManuals Fractal is a small device for breaking down the design of a task. Each task, no matter how small, is made up of four components: a Briefing, some Resources, some Actions and some Results.


The Briefing gives you just enough information to take the Actions, using the Resources supplied, to produce the intended Results.


Any of these components may themselves be broken down again using the Fractal. For example, if the Task is to "write a report", then one of the resources needed would be some data. Obtaining this data might itself be a sub-task, requiring some different steps. A complex project can be made up of many instances of the same basic pattern, however close you look - hence the name "Fractal".


This is not the same as IBIS, which is based on argumentation, but is a similar basis for presentation.




Garold (Gary) L. Johnson