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RE: [ba-unrev-talk] Fw: [unrev-II] Dervin and Sense-Making

It took me about 30 seconds to realize that what I thought you did (my
interpretation) was that you randomly keyed some sequence on your keyboard.
Prior to that I thought that maybe you were sending a sentence written
backword or in some other code that with some investment I could make sense
of. Having stopped trying to make sense out of the "sentence" below because
I interpreted it as being a random sequence of characters (which it may not
be), doesn't prevent me from trying to make sense out what you really meant
by sending the message. I have no idea whether you are sarcastic when you
say "very interesting" followed by the quiz or whether you found my message
"really" interesting. So my sensemaking process will go on probably for a
long time (and probably will never stop) but this had nothing to do with my
point: that the theory of sensemaking will have a tough time telling you to
what kind of problems it relates and when to stop applying the mechanisms it
proposes.    (01)

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Gil Regev wrote:
>So sense-making alone cannot tell you when
> to apply sense-making nor when to stop applying it.    (03)

Very interesting.    (04)

Yoshhf' jasdkjhf pasf 984t sdo ;ljnqiud kj z-09cuv asdfa tluysad srtihad;j
tie saksdf##df akt 4ri.    (05)

How long did you spend trying to make sense of that?
Why (or why not)?    (06)

Peter    (07)