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Re: [ba-unrev-talk] Automated Email-based CHAT-FAQ Expert System

John Maloney wrote:    (01)

> There are commercial offerings that may provide some context for (the
> auto-email-faq) initiative. There are many others. Most offerings provide
> for Users, AnswerBot and Experts and have been around for quite some
> time. For example:
> http://www.tacit.com    (02)

Awesome example of what a demo should look like. Pop in, watch an
animated screen presentation with voice-over, and get the main ideas
in a hurry:
  * Based on an html search engine
  * Does keyword search for people
  * Lets you describe the problem, and then either
       a) Creates a contact list of knowledgeable people, or
       b) Sends an email to potentially knoweldgeable people.    (03)

     (I couln't quite hear the audio well enough to tell -- my problem, I think.    (04)

      In any case, there is a rich opportunity here for intelligence, although
      I suspect they are doing straight keyword matching.)    (05)

  * Extracts keywords from the messages you send.
     That part is *very* interesting. It figures out what you know and
     makes a list of those keywords. You then select which ones you
     want to publish. (How you know when to visit the list to change
     your options, though, I'm not sure.)    (06)

> http://www.orbitalsoftware.com    (07)

MUCH drier presentation. Bunch of pages with lots to read, and the
occasional too-small-to-read, non-expandable screenshot. These sites
are teaching me about the right way to do marketing!    (08)

Bullet points:
  * Ask and answer questions
  * Search for existing questions and answers
  * Escalate and route questions to experts
  * Find people with specific expertise    (09)

They're saying the right things, here.    (010)